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The key features at a glance

  • The power plant concept aims to generate energy from the inexhaustible source of tides at a competitive price even without subsidies. The project is therefore not only technically attractive, it also offers great economic potential in a growth market that has yet to be developed.

  • The manufacturing costs are far below the costs of comparable underwater current power plants.

  • The plant can be constructed from proven components made of shipbuilding steel.
    The novel patented flap mechanism allows the use of both flow directions without complicated changeover mechanisms.

  • The comparatively simple design ensures that the plant is almost completely maintenance-free during its service life, which is designed to be about 20 years.

  • The plant can be installed so deep below the water surface that it is neither an obstacle for shipping nor visible to the observer.

    Transportation from the shipyard to the installation site requires only a general cargo vessel. Between two pontoons, the installation can be lowered to the seabed by assembly cranes.

  • The two-point mounting of the turbine makes it possible to secure it stably and permanently both by piles on the seabed and without major foundation work, e.g. on two opposite rock faces by means of steel cables (see animation) in fjords.

  • For maintenance, a rig that has been braced between two rock faces can be brought to the surface by releasing the bracing on one side and applying lifting force. A braced installation can be removed from the site simply by cutting the ropes.

  • One Thing about environmental, especially wildlife, compatibility: the turbine moves with the ocean current. It gains energy from the resistance it offers to the current, i.e., it moves slower than the ocean current. The unit completes a maximum of five revolutions per minute. This means that all marine animals living in the installation area can swim around or through it without any problems.