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The Atlantisstrom GmbH & CoKG has tested a new tidal power plant in original size on the faroese islands

In June 2014 our first tidal power plant of the complete innovative, patented type Atlantisstrom was tested and already shortly connected to the public electricity grid for testing. This plant has a diameter of 8 meters and a breadth of 5 meters.

The Atlantisstrom GmbH & CoKG offers this invention to ambitious investors for sale.

In contradiction to the known prototypes of tidal power plants, it is not about a lift-type power plant with the common disadvantages like the hazard of the fauna, the hindrance of the shipping and excessive costs, but rather of a complete innovative, patented type of drag-rotor with the best known output.

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The plant was installed in the Vestmanna Sund about 400 m offshore the island Vagar. Via seacable it was supplied to the electricity grid of the faroese islands. This test-plant consists of one segment of the for four segment designed series version.

The series version with a length of 20 meters and a diameter of 8 meters was tested by the TU Braunschweig in a flow channel and from the FU Berlin in a towage channel and the expected efficiency was calculated. You can see this calculation under the point „university research at TU Braunschweig and FU Berlin“.

Why should you be elated as an investor for this invention?

Our concept has in contradiction to the so far realised tidal power plants a lot of decisive advantages, which give this complete innovative power plant type an enormous market potential:

1.   In contradiction most to rotor power plants the station is completely submersed, therefore it does not impede neither the shipping nor the look of the sea.

2.   According to the speed of the current, the plant rotates only three to five times per minute. Thereby the steel flaps move with max. 15 km/h through the water, under the load of the generator the speed is even much lower. In contrast to all lift-type rotor plants which leaf tip speed are more than four times higher. That means our tidal power plant, in comparison to the lift-type rotor power plants, can not harm fish, whales and seals because of its way of construction alone . Thereby we were able to get the building permission on the Faroese islands within a few weeks, because the tidal power plant is no danger for sea life.

3.   A very essential advantage of Atlantisstrom are the much lower production costs than for rotor concepts because of the simple, low-maintenance, easy to install construction and the use of serial parts like Gear Box, Generator and Frequency converter.

4.   The previous offers from the companys which are willing to produce the parts, which we would like to make accessible for potential interested parties and buyers, account for the total costs of 2 million Euros - (for a four segment power plant with a length of 20 m and a diameter of 8 m). This amount corresponds less than one-tenth of the sum, that lift-type power plants estimate as building costs per kilowatt. Because the Atlantisstrom concept contains a innovative flap system, which in our experience is the only electricity generation from tidal power to market prices.

5.   With a blocking of the tide an outstandingly high energy yield (see the graph under „university research“ the curve PFI Dwinger) is expected, like at the Scapa flow barriers at the Orkney Islands.You can see a possibility for the installation in a place like the Scapa flow barriers or others on under project description.

University research TU Braunschweig and FU Berlin

6.   Because of our innovative fixation System which is a combination of normal steel chains fixed to steel tubes in the surrounding rock it is possible to install Atlantisstrom only with the help of divers and normal tugs. This enables the installation of Atlantisstrom also in effectively all water depths with good current. The Atlantisstrom Tidal Power Plant works like a rudder in the current through its shape forming, this makes it possible to fix it only with chains, and gives 25 Percent more energy output than calculated in the university research.

7.   This power plant concept is already protected by given patents. More patents are signed in. The power - estimation and history of development can be found on: (look under university research)

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